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        Dong Guan PNL Non-woven Converting Machinery Co., Ltd.is a bianch of the leading well know non-woven converting machinery company which named "NCM Nonwoven Converting Machinery Co., Ltd. " in Taiwan. We are special in developing, manufacturing machines with automatically and producing any kinds of products by ultrasonic welding systems . We have made many main machines such as Biank Mask Making Machine ,Ear-loop Mask SEALING Maching. Tie Tape Mask Sealing Machine ,Dust Mask Making Machine ,Bouffant Cap Making Machine.Surgical Cap Making Machine .Shoe Cover Making Machine. etc. Our products with the good performances in the leading field can compare with the similar products in other foreign countries. Good sale services in world wide with its high qualities and reputations .We will offer the professional services complefely in advance sales and after services .Presently.Dong Guan P&L Non-woven Converting Machinery Co., Ltd . is not only a me mber of Guang Dong non-woven cloth assoclation but also the member of Shang Hai non-woven material association We are together with the field relative concerning the non-woven cloth industry closely in the all of the world to Dong Guan PNL Non-woven Converting Machinery Co., Ltd .will serve our customers with the saying "Customer is the primary , service is the most :, You are warmly welcome to made enquiries ,intercourse and feel free to visit our company in your personally !