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      The operation of cutting machine steps

      1 open the pump switch, switching on the gas source, pull the operating table leftmanual pressure switch, the cloth pressing roll rises.

      2 the finished carpet composite well placed in the cloth pressing roll below, press the operating table left manual pressure switch, pressure drop press cloth roller,blanket. Pay attention to the operation when the hand is placed in cloth outside, so as not to crush fingers.

      3 the operating table motor / manual switch for manual position, switch on the power, adjust the operation desk left inverter knob, the numerical control is 18---20HZ or so, adjusting the operation desk right inverter knob, the numericalconditioning is about 2.45---2.55HZ. The conveyor belt on the frame is adjusted tothe corresponding optically controlled electric blanket dimensions.

      4 open the console under the door, there is a three-phase and single-phase switch of each one, close the switch, cutting machine to start operation.

      5 to ensure the blanket material spots and cloth pressing roller cutter grooveparallel running track, pay attention to observe the blanket material, take the run tocloth cutting groove cutting edge at the left, quickly will manually switch to motorposition, cutting machine running.

      6 personnel should always pay attention to blanket material size was observedunder the blanket material cutting, cutting position.