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      The invention of Taiwan took 15 gold not dripping air-conditioning will be listed floral masks detachable mountaineering attention

      [Chen Yijing] and Taipei reported the invention of Taiwan again became an international! Taiwan thirty-five inventions are America Pittsburgh InternationalInvention Exhibition, in eighteen countries, more than a thousand pieces of works,took the ten silver, six copper, eight hardware and five special awards, many of them living gold invention, six continued listed production.


      Gold "long-term fragrant flower diamond type stereo mask", at the end of the domestic drug store to buy, three pieces of sixty yuan; the designer Zheng Yongzhu said, existing rose, lavender, Magnolia and other five kinds of flavor, usingnanotechnology aromas that continuously emitted eight hours, "after the garbage truck is not afraid of smelly". Another "massage mask" by low frequency controller,can promote the facial blood circulation, accelerate the absorption of skin care products.

      Long-lasting fragrance flower diamond type stereo massage mask mask

      Don't drop of split type air conditioner suction apparatus preservation function

      The world's first "no drop of split type air conditioner" win a gold prize and thegeneral assembly special. Designer Huang Jinbiao said, the traditional separationtype air conditioner shall be drained, he spent ten years of time, study on the indoor unit condensate wastewater extraction to the outdoor machine technology, with the fan blade after atomization, spray to the condenser cooling, temperature of outdoormachine, "effective three provinces into electricity, 100 patent, is expected after one year production listing, the price and almost split type air conditioner. "

      By MIRL director Wu Dongquan led the design of "security monitoring intelligentvacuum cleaner, Taiwan, US patent, won a gold and Malaysia special award, the existing international manufacturers contact cooperation. Research instituteManager Lin Jianxian said, the cleaner can clean the floor, can automatically detect the windows and doors are opened or gas is leaking.

      Lego mountaineering knapsack set out into the hem

      The first tragic show the extension will be spinning as "Lego mountaineering" gold in one fell swoop. Rate of Taiwan delegation to the beautiful Taiwan InventionAssociation chairman Chen Zongtai said, the clothes with climbing height changes,such as the Lego bricks as disassembling and assembling, cuff can disassembleinto state legs, can be pulled out a bee preventing net, hem out into waterproof backpack set, won the American favorite, show a high degree of inquiry. Anothergold in the Far East University of technology, "new" regulation of caffeine coffee machine, low temperature with ultrasonic coffee aroma, but without caffeine,people drink more healthy, one of the designer Wang Zhengqi said, the futureproduction prices, estimated to be less than five thousand yuan.

      Pittsburgh show part of Taiwan gold works

      Data source: Taiwan Invention Association