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      Invention exhibition won 15 gold Taiwan

      Lego mountaineering

      Inventor: Textile Federation

      Time to market: the negotiations

      Characteristics: clothes climbing height with any disassembly, such as cuff removeinto leggings, can draw out the bee proof nets

      Massage face mask

      Inventor: swim Congyi

      Time to market: the negotiations

      Features: as a single layer of conductive material, the use of low frequencycontroller to promote metabolism and nutrient absorption

      Dust collecting apparatus preservation function

      Inventor: Huang Jinbiao

      Time to market: about 1 years

      Characteristics: recovery of condensed water of the indoor machine, through the fan to reduce the temperature of the outdoor machine, electricity saving of 3 into

      Long-lasting fragrance flower diamond type stereo mask

      Inventor: Zheng Yongzhu

      Time to market: the end of the month

      Characteristics: Diamond Solid modeling can be attached by oronasal, nanoprocessing, fragrance can last more than 8 hours

      Security monitoring intelligent cleaner

      Inventor: ITRI

      Time to market: the negotiations

      Features: in addition to sweep the floor, can also monitor the doors and windowsand gas leakage