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      The 2009 swine flu outbreak

      In 2009, March to April, Mexico and southwest America have over a thousand people infected with swine flu, cause 106 people death [6].

      The night of April 23, 2009 11, the outbreak of swine flu was first widely reported in Mexico. In April 24th the authorities in Mexico more than 60 dead, 16 death identifiedas a new species of swine flu infection, the remaining 44 cause of death is still in testing. [7] most of the deaths are in young adults. [8]

      In April 24th, WHO confirms partial onset case by a never found H1N1 variant of the virus caused. [9][10]

      In April 25th, Mexico City long announced that all public activities suspended for 10days, all schools are need to be closed, and called on all citizens to avoid shaking hands and kissing. [11], Mexico's health minister Ai Xiude (Armando Ahued) said Mexico city will prepare a large-scale emergency vaccination campaign toprevention and treatment of common winter swine flu. [12] of the World Health Organization emergency committee held a meeting in Geneva, in view of Mexico'sepidemic to the global issue of the global state of emergency. [13] Japan, Narita airport for measuring body temperature has been arriving passengers from Mexico.[14]

      In April 28th, the swine flu more ravaged Asia Pacific, South Korea and Thailand announced a suspected case, China Shaanxi also once spread of swine flu scare.The World Health Organization to pandemic alert level to phase fourth, said the virus is transmitted from person to person, also means that at least from a upstart.