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      Bouffant Cap Making Machine
      The NC-19 is especially designed to produce disposable non-woven bouffant caps
      automatically from raw material feeding to finished products. The highest capacity achieves 80 pieces per minute. One operator can run 2 machines at the same time. Cap's size is adjustable in 18'',21'' & 24'' without changing any parts.

      Reliable performance.
      All aluminum alloy made mechanic structure.
      Auto-tension control.
      Adjustable ultrasonic stitch.
      Cap size adjustable without changing any parts.

      Machine size 3370(L)*860(W)*1500(H)mm
      Line source 220V,1 or 3 phase.
      Capacity 80pcs/min
      Cap size 18``,21``,24``.
      Power consumption 6kw
      Compressed air 1HP